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At AB3 FILMS our mission is too captivate and inspire audiences through the power of film. We are a professional film company dedicated to creating exceptional visual storytelling experiences that leave a lasting impact. We are driven by a deep love for the art of filmmaking and a belief in its potential to touch hearts, challenge perspectives, and ignite the imagination. 


Al Battle better know as Alfredo is a professional filmmaker, director, and editor. He was born in South Central LA and raised in Columbus Ohio. In 2009 he received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communication from Central State University with a specialization in Theater. Battle has over 15 years of experience in video production and acting. After many years of being a performing actor, Battle pursued his dream of becoming a filmmaker. He launched his own film production company AB3 FILMS in 2014 where he currently works full-time . He travels around the world filming business commercials, documentaries, drone content, travel events, and more. 


Battle is also the Media Producer for Surgical Sisters cosmetic tour in the Dominican Republic where he films cosmetic surgeries, documentaries, and before and after pictures of the surgeon work. During the Democratic Town Hall Meeting 2016 with Roland Martin, Battle had the honor of filming the event for TV One.


Battle's professionalism, ability to communicate openly and sense of humor assure people that he's approachable. He's determined to make a difference, give back to his community, and inspire people to go after their dreams. Battle doesn't allow obstacles to deter him from achieving his goals. He believes that anything worth having and keeping doesn’t come easy.

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